Making a Green Impact in the Jerwood Library

NUS Green Impact logo

NUS Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme run by the National Union of Students. But what does it have to do with the Jerwood Library?

Well, Trinity Laban has been getting involved in Green Impact for the first time this year, with the support of the University of Greenwich. Green Impact enables student unions and teams of staff to make small changes in their institution which improve sustainability, for example by reducing waste and energy use. The Jerwood Library is one of several Green Impact teams set up this year, with Helen and Edith taking a lead in the library on green issues, and the library team aims to be awarded Bronze accreditation in this year’s assessment.

Here’s a few things we’ve been doing:

Using fewer paper coffee cups and saving money too!

Cappuccino in a reusable Keep Cup

It tastes better for being 10p cheaper!

Did you know that you now get a 10p discount on hot drinks in the cafés at the Faculty of Music and Faculty of Dance if you bring your own (clean) mug? This happened because library staff raised it as a concern at a Green Impact meeting, as we get through a lot of tea and coffee and were using a lot of paper cups as a result! Clive, Trinity Laban’s Head of Estates and Facilities, heard this at the meeting and was able to take it up with the catering company and negotiate the discount.

Transforming waste paper into notebooks

For years we’ve collected scrap paper (only printed on one side) next to our main photocopier and encouraged staff and students to reuse it for taking notes in the library. Spurred on by Green Impact, we’ve started transforming this waste paper into notebooks by adding waste card and metal spirals left over from binding student work. We’ve passed on some of these notebooks to other departments such as Reception and Room Bookings who have been very pleased to receive them!

Four notebooks made from scrap paper and spare binding materials

A few of our home-made notebooks

Greening our working environment

Tall leafy plant in a container in the Jerwood Library office

One of our new office plants

We’ve brought in a couple of plants to green our office. Plants remove pollutants from the atmosphere, give out oxygen and generally help make a healthier and more pleasant working environment. We’re hopeful that next academic year we can get funds to add a few plants to the library itself and improve the working environment for students.


What else should we do?

If you have any ideas about how we could make the library more sustainable, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. If you’re a member of staff at Trinity Laban, why not get your team/department signed up for Green Impact next academic year? We would be happy to talk to you about our experiences.

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