Special Collections on CD!

Over the past year or so we have been closely involved with two fantastic recording projects, providing copies of works from our special collections and liaising with copyright holders. These have now been released in the shape of EM Record’s An Irish Idyll (a collection of piano works performed by Duncan Honeybourne), and Robert Still: The Four String Quartets released by the Villiers Quartet on Naxos.

Duncan Honeybourne, An Irish Idyll, EM Records, released 30 July 2014

At the heart of An Irish Idyll are a number of works by the Irish composer Archy Rosenthal (1874-1947) sourced from the library’s Rosenthal Collection. These include rare, out-of-print works and an unpublished manuscript written for the composer’s grandson (who kindly donated the collection to us). Rosenthal taught at Trinity College of Music (now Trinity Laban) for many years so we are especially delighted that these works are now available to hear for the first time.

Robert Still (1910-1971) was an English composer whose works shifted dramatically from folk-inspired melodic writing to avant-garde atonality in his later years, a shift which is strikingly represented in his four string quartets. The Villiers Quartet have not only recorded these quartets for the first time but have also edited a performance set from the manuscripts held in the British Music Society Archive. This will be published by Music and Media and we hope to have a copy in the library in due course.

Both recordings are now available to staff and students: An Irish Idyll is on the open shelves at PIANO : HON and the Still String Quartets are available online via our Naxos Music Library subscription or in hard copy on request (ask at the issue desk).


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