Just some of the library CDs!

Just some of the library CDs!

The CD collection here in the Jerwood Library is expanding rapidly thanks to some recent generous donations. Once we checked the donations against what we already had, and what was already available through our online streaming audio collections, we then knew what we needed to keep and what we could pass on to students and staff. Our cataloguer Helen has been busy adding lots of these new CDs to the library catalogue. You can use our online catalogue to see a list of the most recent AV acquisitions. If you are in the library, here at the Faculty of Music, why not have a look at the new items display which is currently full of new CDs (pictured below) and then maybe browse the nearby CDs for sale for just £1 each! The proceeds are used to buy more sheet music, recordings and books for the library collection.

New items shelf full of new CDs!

Did you know that current Trinity Laban students can now borrow up to four CDs for a whole week? This is in part due to our rapidly expanding CD collection in the library, partnered with an ever increasing online streaming collection including Naxos Music Library, Naxos Jazz and Alexander Street Press (Music Online). Why not have a browse at what is available via our online streaming collections and much more by going to QuickSearch.

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