Digital scores and more from new Alexander Street Press subscriptions

We’re delighted to announce a significant expansion to our online subscriptions with the acquisition of the Alexander Street Press Music Online: Premium collection. This gives us our first collection of digital scores and greatly increases our streaming video collection.

Screenshot of Alexander Street Press showing a digital score.

What’s included?

On top of our existing audio and video subscriptions with Alexander Street Press which include Classical Music Library, Jazz Music Library and Opera in Video, we now have access to a number of extra resources:

  • Classical Scores Library volumes I & II (over 25000 digital scores including contemporary works)
  • Classical Music in Video (1500 performances, masterclasses etc) & Dance in Video (760 works)
  • Reference sources including Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Classical Music Reference Library (including Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians), and African American Music Reference.
    [These reference sources are currently accessible via onsite; see the library catalogue for offsite links. In future these will move to the same interface as the other Alexander Street Press resources]

How do I access it?

  • Find onsite and offsite links to Alexander Street Press and the individual collections on the ‘Other Online Resources’ page of the Jerwood Library catalogue. From home, log in with your IT username and password.
  • We recommend using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome – Firefox currently has a few visual glitches.
  • It should soon be possible to search and access these scores and recordings via QuickSearch.
  • The search interface is geared towards music and lets you filter results by type of resource, composer, genre, publisher etc. Contact the library if you’d like any help.

Can I print the digital scores, and what can I do with them?

Good news! You can print whole scores or a page range (select A4 not letter size paper).

The licence for this collection allows you to use the scores for anything educational as long as the public is not given access, e.g.

  • Printing copies of whole scores or extracts for study or to distribute to students in class.
  • Printing a score to provide an examiner/competition judge with a second copy for a performance exam.
  • Printing a copy to play from (but not with public access i.e. not in any masterclasses or performance exams where visitors could be in the audience).
  • Linking to scores in Moodle. You can link to start at a specific section/page, or even make a ‘playlist’ combining clips from recordings and scores from the site and link to that.
  • Projecting scores in class.

They cannot be distributed to anyone outside Trinity Laban for any purpose.

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