New image collection: Photographic Youth Music & Culture Archive

Photo of a happy waving crowd silhouetted against a blue sky.

Photo by Naki, from the PYMCA collection.

Trinity Laban now has an educational licence to the Photographic Youth Music & Culture Archive collection of images. PYMCA Education offers a reference archive of over 35000 images relating to modern (1940 onwards) social history and youth culture. It also includes written material on this subject, and a curated collection of links to other websites on youth culture organised by time period and by subculture.

How do I access the collection?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Education tab, then the ‘Login via your home institution’ button.
  3. Choose Trinity Laban from the list of institutions, then enter your Trinity Laban login details if prompted.
  4. Now use the search box on the Education page to find images described with the keywords you enter. For search tips, see PYMCA’s own FAQs.
  5. Once you’re viewing an image, use the small save icon at the bottom-right to download the image.

PYMCA save icon

What can I use the images for?

According to PYMCA’s FAQ, “All images can be used for Educational and Editorial use and do not require a release. However for commercial advertising purposes images must be released or be ‘No Release Required'”.

Therefore it’s fine to use images as part of your teaching or coursework at Trinity Laban – remember to attribute PYMCA and the photographer (who is listed on the image preview page)!

Our educational access only allows downloads of a limited number of low-res images per year (500px maximum length/width) but this size is fine for online use and printing in small sizes, such as part of an assignment or handout.

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