E-books at Trinity Laban from DawsonEra

We have a growing collection of e-books available 24/7 at the Jerwood Library. The e-book platform we use (DawsonEra) has just been redesigned so now seems a good time to write about them!

Why bother with e-books?

Lots of reading list books are available as e-books. These can be read by more than one person at a time so are always available even if the library’s closed or the printed copies are out on loan! You can also search within the text of an e-book (a handy supplement to using contents pages and indexes) and annotate particular pages (which we don’t like you doing with our printed books…).

Finding e-books

Just like with ordinary books, start by searching the Jerwood Library catalogue. E-books will appear in your results if you limit by type to Book. You can also enter an empty search and set the type limit to E-book if you’d like to browse all our e-books!

Screenshot showing catalogue search for e-books

Once you’ve found the e-book you want to read, look in the full description on the catalogue for the access link, then log in with your usual Trinity Laban user account.

Screenshot showing location of full description link

Screenshot showing location of e-book link

Reading e-books

You should be greeted by a summary of the e-book. You have two options for reading it:

Screenshot showing e-book preview on DawsonEra

1. Read online

This lets you read the book online a page at a time through your web browser, like reading journal articles on JSTOR. It should work on computers as well as Apple and Android mobile devices. From here you can search the book for keywords, make notes on particular pages (which are saved for next time you access the book) and print/copy text from a limited number of pages.

Screenshot showing e-book read online option on DawsonEra

2. Download a time-limited PDF

We don’t really recommend doing this, but it may be useful if you want to read the book later or quickly skim through a lot of pages. The PDF cannot be copied or printed, and will expire after the number of days you select (up to 3).

Beware: you must be online to open the PDF, and due to Digital Rights Management it must be opened using the Adobe Reader program or app, including if you’re using an Apple or Android mobile device. Unfortunately our e-books are not compatible with most dedicated e-reader devices.


If you need help, DawsonEra provides useful video tutorials and a FAQ, and current students/staff can download our guide on using e-books from Moodle. Of course, you’re always welcome to contact us at the Jerwood Library for assistance.

(post updated 22 Jan 2015 to revise information about mobile device compatibility)


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