Calling all Jazzers! New Exhibition about the Jerwood Library’s Jazz Collections

A Peep at Trinity’s Jazz Collection: Alan Mills and Dan Pawson

Alan Mills and Dan Pawson were two major contributors to the library’s jazz holdings. Between them they donated thousands of LPs, CDs, books, journals and ephemera resulting in a remarkably rich treasure trove of jazz materials. This exhibition showcases just a fraction of these items. Highlights from the Alan Mills collection include material by Mike Westbrook, Paul Rutherford and the female jazz musicians Billie Holiday, Lizzie Miles and Emma Barrett, alias ‘Sweet Emma’. Dan Pawson’s collection of memorabilia from the New Orleans jazz scene is represented by numerous George Lewis recordings, rare magazines such as Eureka, the bi-monthly magazine of the New Orleans Jazz Society, and Dan’s personal scrap books.

This exhibition was prepared by our fabulous volunteer Genia who has been cataloguing these collections over the past few years. To discover more choose ‘Alan Mills’ or ‘Dan Pawson’ from the source option in the catalogue.


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